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DaYogis / DaYogis Vibrant Carrot
DaYogis Vibrant Carrot


  • Rhodopsin for Vision
  • High in Carotene
  • Natural Detox
  • Energizer

The simple fact that DaYogis carrot juice is derived from a minimum of three to four carrots makes it even more healthy. Carrot is considered to be one of the most popular root vegetables all across the globe, carrot is undoubtedly a powerfood.

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Carrot juice is truly amazing and not only for its sweet succulent flavor, but also for its fairly immediate health benefits. When someone is in a health crisis, usually it’s the Carrot juice is recommended by elders.
They were originally grown for medicine, not as a food. Merchant trading vessels in 120BC that sank had carrots, parsley and onions preserved in clay pills on board. These pills were used to treat intestinal problems among the ships crew. These types of remedies were read about in ancient Greek transcripts.

Carrots Help you see in Dark – Carrots are filled with beta-carotene; an amazing pigment that converts into vitamin A when digested. Vitamin A activates a photo sensitive chemical within the retina called Rhodopsin which regulates your vision depending on light. Rhodopsin is especially important for night vision as the chemical can detect very small amounts of light that helps the eyes better adjust to darkness. Vitamin A also protects you from age related cataracts, a gradual eye infection that fogs up the lenses in your eyes, potentially causing blindness.

Carrots Juice for Skin, Hair and Dental Health – The Vitamin A found in carrot juice protects the skin from sun damage and the antioxidants slow down the aging of cells.Carrots are rich in calcium which means they are good for teeth, bones and nails. Carrot juice is also good for the gums and reducing cavity forming bacteria!

Cancer prevention, Liver Rejuvenation, Energy boost –
Drinking carrot juice can help reduce the risk of lung cancer, breast cancer as well as colon cancer thanks to the compound Falcarinol.
Carrots contain about 87% water and make a powerful detoxifier. They help reduce the chance of kidney stones forming and are great when flushing out the digestive system.
Carrots are not only high in beta-carotene but also alpha-carotene. These carotenes found in carrot juice as well as the lutein are vital for lowering the change of heart disease and strokes. Their heart-protecting properties stop fatty tissues from clogging up the arteries (cholesterol).

As we age our energy levels start to decrease. Instead of reaching for those unnatural high sugar energy drinks, go for carrot juice instead. They give your body a quick and natural boost of energy. Drinking 3 carrots can give you enough energy to walk three miles without a sweat, so imagine what 10 will do! The natural sugars present in carrots are released into the body more slowly than white sugar; however, unlike white sugar has no harmful effects.

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