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DaYogis / DaYogis Lite Lauki
DaYogis Lite Lauki


  • Weight loss, High BP, Cholesterol & Diabetes
  • Dietary fibre, vitamin B, C, potassium and iron in very high quantity

Lauki Juice for weight loss, High BP, Cholesterol & Diabetes, Lauki juice for urinary disorders, Lauki juice to improve digestion, Lauki juice to get rid of belly fat,, Lauki juice ke faayde, Bottle gourd contains 96% of water and it also has dietry fibre, vitamin B, C, potassium and iron in very high quantity.

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Bottle gourd or Lauki has been a part of Indian cuisine for a long time. The benefits of bottle gourd are just too many to ignore. It is known to aids in weight loss due as it provides excellent nutrition with minimum calories and fat. It is also well known for reducing the cholesterol levels in blood.

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